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Getting loans with some jewelry as collateral is one of the common practice in pawnshops. Pawnshops offer short term loans to individuals in dire need using their jewelry as collateral. This means that once the individual repays the loan, they recover their jewelry. On the other hand, if they fail to pay up, their jewelry is sold, especially after 30 days after the deadline. That said, finding jewelry loans from pawnshops can be such daunting.


The challenging part comes in where the pawnbroker undervalues the value of your jewelry. This is a common practice that often discourages many potential clients. An undervalued property translates to less amount of loan. On the other hand, the pawnbroker will be hoping that the client fails to pay up so that he/she can make many profits.

Some of the common jewelry you can use to obtain loans include:

  • Gold chains
  • Necklaces
  • Bangles
  • Bracelets
  • Rings
  • Earrings
  • Lockets
  • Charms
  • Brooches
  • Watches
  • Broken or damaged jewelry
  • Cufflinks


Finding the best jewelry loan company

As mentioned before, you could have the necessary jewelry but no idea where to dispose them to. Surely, finding the perfect store or pawnshop to exchange the jewelry for a loan can be daunting. This is why a critical search isn’t an option. Some of the key tips to find the best pawnbroker include the following.


  • Reputation. Gauging the trust levels of any pawnbroker can be difficult. However, like other people, you would like to do business with a trustable pawnbroker. With utmost trust, you will leave your items safe without fear of being interfered with. Getting to know the reputation of the pawnshop should be your priority concern.


  • Seek referrals. Consulting widely is the other aspect and crucial idea of finding the best pawnbroker or company to get a loan from jewelry. This involves seeking advice from individuals, be it friends, relatives or workmates, who have done this before. Getting this information is vital in finding the best with affordable rates and good customer service.


  • Do an internet search. Searching the internet for pawnbrokers around your area could also be of help. With the current internet enhancements, modifying your search will filter the results to those in your location. By checking on the brokers, you can go through their customer feedbacks and reviews. With this, you can make a solid decision.


  • Loan repayment period. Various pawnshops offer their loans for different periods. Depending on the amount of money and your insight, negotiate a better deal. Different lenders could also have different repayment methods. Whereas some need single monthly repayments of a discussed amount, others have no monthly installation but expect you to pay the sum amount at the end of the loan term.


  • Insurance. The lender should have full insurance on your items. This is to ascertain compensation in cases of damage or burns while in their custody. Ensure that the lender is in a capacity to maintain and secure your item until you retrieve them.



Giving off your jewelry for loans is a prudent idea when in need of quick or short-term loans. However, ascertain money value by going for the best pawnbrokers in your vicinity. Finding them involves ardent consideration of several factors, among them the ones listed above. Ensure that the company offers cash loans at the highest possible market value.