How Pawn Shops Work


Loans in Newark NJ is easy, all you have to do is bring or ship your unwanted or broken gold, silver, or platinum jewelry to one of our three locations. We then weigh the merchandise, test the purity and quality, and pay you top dollar cash on the spot. It’s easy as One Two Three. If you would like to ship us your merchandise, please call us at (973) 368-2885 or email us at and we will give you detailed instructions how to get your merchandise to us in a safe, secure, and insured manner.


Please Call: (973) 368-2885

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Bring your gold and diamond jewelry to one of our locations. Our staff will appraise the value of your items and give you a loan based on that appraisal. Typically we issue six month loans at 4.5% per month. We also offer special low rates for large loans over $10,000 (instead of 4.5 we offer 3%). Unlike most pawn brokers we work with all our customers with our best effort to make sure your jewelry stays yours. Our goal is to make sure you get your merchandise back at the end of the loan agreement. If your having trouble paying your loan off State Gold Buyers & Loan makes it a priority to work with you through any situation.


Where to Sell Your Gold and Silver:

Looking to sell your gold and silver jewelry but have no idea who would buy it? You can rest easy as we are the very best option when it comes to selling your items of value. Either of our Newark NJ locations will give you top dollar for your fine watches, gold, silver and platinum. We pride ourselves on being honest with you on the valuation of your goods. Thus we will give you more than our competitors. You can even do the entire process online here. Feel free to call either location for further help before you come in or go online.

Although we are a Pawn Shop we are also a jewelry store. Our main business is providing loans in Newark NJ on items of value but we also are happy to purchase what you might be selling such as broken jewelry. Many people come in and trade their old broken gold for something new. We have a nice selection for you to choose from and we also have engagement and wedding rings too.

Did we mention that we have quality fine watches? We certainly do and we carry some of the best name brands. Come in and see what we have on special this week. You will be pleasantly surprised!