Luxury Purses

Sell or Pawn your Designer Handbag

Interested in selling us a fine handbag? State Gold Buyer’s and Loan Company’s knowledgeable staff can appraise your luxury handbags from manufacturers including but not limited to Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Bottege Veneta, Fendi, Gucci, Saint Laurent, and many others. Just bring your handbag to one of our convenient State Gold Buyer’s and Loan Company locations and our knowledgeable handbag consultants will handle your business with safety in mind as well as in a timely manner. You can find State Gold Buyer’s and Loan Company in Newark NJ.

State Gold Buyer’s and Loan Company has years of experience in the handbag industry. When you visit us, you will be greeted by seasoned handbag consultants who know about all types of handbags. Just keep in mind that there’s no cost to you for asking us to take a look at your goods. If you would like to contact us for more information, feel free to call us at (973) 368-2885.