Why State Gold?

As a family owned and operated business with over 75 years of combined experience we understand that getting every dollar possible out of your jewelry, scrap gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, and watches is extremely important. Our Newark NJ pawn shop has a well established reputation for paying exceptionally high prices for 10k, 14k, 18k, and 22k yellow and white gold, silver and platinum jewelry, watches and diamonds. We pride ourselves on providing a safe and honest way to exchange gold for cash. We’ve seen too many people mislead and hurt by others claiming to provide a quality service. At State Gold Buyers & Loan we have created a transparent, secure, and simple means to sell your precious items and at the same time provide top quality customer service and care.

As a regulated loan company under the New Jersey Dept of Banking & Insurance, State Gold Buyers & Loan Company is able to provide short to medium term loans from $25 up to $100,000 to a wide variety of customers. At State Gold Buyers & Loan we provide customers with diverse backgrounds and financial history with quick and secure access to cash with no credit or background checks. Simply post your gold or diamond jewelry, or scrap gold as collateral and we will lend you cash against the asset at only 3.7% per month. That’s way below the 20% average most credit card holders are being charged per month.


Pawn shops are increasingly becoming popular especially in Newark New Jersey. These entities are poised to enter their prime due to the increasing prices of gold, silver, home foreclosures and recessions. This attracts a majority of the middle and a small percentage of the upper class as they seek to sell items or obtain them for a short-term loan. Just to mention, pawn shops came to the vicinity as the majority of New Jersey residents need short-term loans in exchange for simple items.


Pawn shops offer secured loans to any person with personal property as collateral. The items used as collateral are commonly referred to as pledges or pawns. Some of the common pledges accepted by pawn shops include watches, gold, silver, platinum, and among other valuable items. That said, there are several features indicative of the best pawn shop. Some of the tips to help you get the best pawn shop include the following.


  1. Do you want to get a loan or sell?

Before getting into a pawn shop, you should have a definite purpose. You should also have a price in mind for the item or items you wish to pawn or sell. This way you can get into negotiations and get the most for your items. The most commonly used items for pawn is gold jewelry.


  1. Know the loan terms.

Simply ask how the loan works if your pawning an item. Here at Newark NJ’s favorite pawn shop, we will gladly tell you what the interest rate is going to be. We are also Happy to work with you if it comes to the end of the loan term and you are unable to reclaim your item.


  1. Our store nearest you

Your favorite pawn shop in Newark has two locations. We are open seven days a week and are happy to assist you with loans. Or if your interested in purchasing gold and silver jewelry, watches, phones or other valuables, we are the best place to go in the Newark area.


  1. Offer quality items

When it is time for you to sell your valuables, we are certainly interested in providing you with the best price possible. When you come in you will quickly see that we treat you more like family then just another customer. We do not take plated, or filled gold or silver. We test everything before we purchase it to make sure it is of proper quality.



Pawn shops come in handy when in need of a quick loan. Some of the things that we purchase are listed here! If you have any questions about us possibly selling other items, please give us a call. We wish to help you in any way we can. You will find that all of our staff are very courteous and sincere with many years of experience working here at our locally based Newark pawn shop, we have the knowledge and expertise to properly identify a fair value for all fine jewelry, precious, and semi-precious stones.